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Plural modernities and art

I’ve published a blog posting on my photography website about plural modernities that may be of interest to readers here too: Modernités plurielles de 1905 à 1970.

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The Naked Soul

Friday, 10.5. lunchtime: Please note that the location for this evening’s event has had to be changed to Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge (map), after one Council department refused permission at the very last minute – and after repeated attempts to contact them – after another two had given the green light.  We have moved the time to 20:00 to allow people to make their way there in good time.  This will be explained more fully this evening.

The Naked Soul is a film by Syd Krochmalny. Ostensibly about Stephen Gough, better known in the UK as the Naked Rambler, the film explores essential questions about freedom and liberal modernity. This is not just a film, however, but a more expansive performance art event. This is suggested by the location of the screening (the Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh), and as might be guessed following Krochmalny’s comments at a seminar in Edinburgh recently. At a time when debate in Scotland over questions of freedom and the kind of society we want to live in are at the fore in the context of the independence debate, this event promises to offer some alternative ways of reflecting upon and engaging with key topics. Krochmalny’s artistic background in Argentina gives him insights into these issues that are very relevant to contemporary Scotland, as the seminar discussion demonstrated.

The screening will take place on Friday 10. May at 19:00 – all are most welcome.

Here is Krochmalny’s description of the film (click the image to download a large version of this leaflet):

The Naked Soul, by Syd Krochmalny

The Naked Soul, by Syd Krochmalny

Please share this posting and the leaflet widely – and I look forward to seeing you on Friday!