These are some of the events in which I have participated, or presentations that I have given.


Scottish Church History Society, Glasgow, March.
Presbyterian churches, and humanitarianism in the interwar Middle East.


University of Stirling, colloquium: Crossing Cultures, December.
Humanitarianism and missionary motivation in the interwar Middle East.

Implicit Religion, Salisbury, May.
The materiality and politics of global ‘holy places’.


Fife Theology Group, September.
Was Jesus a Muslim? – on questions of interpreting Islam and Islamophobia.

Implicit Religion, Salisbury, May.
Missionary persistence as Implicit Religion.


PANGEA Festival, St Andrews, November.
Constructing identities, creating diversities, reflections on multicultural identities in the context of the current European moral crisis on refugees.
(I also gave a slightly different version of this presentation at the Stirling University Students’ Critical Religion Association in December.)

Translating Christianities colloquium, Stirling University, December.
Women on a Mission, 1918-1948: translating moments of erasure in mission history into record; co-presenter: Alison Jasper.


Michael Prior Anniversary Conference, London, July.
Michael Prior, the Professional and the Amateur: The Bible and Colonialism. A Moral Critique, a paper reflecting on Prior’s book The Bible and Colonialism. A Moral Critique.

WOCMES, Ankara, August.
Paper: Recovering from the Mandate – Church of Scotland policy after 1948.
I also chaired a panel, and was lead organiser for 4 related panels under the auspices of the Christians in the Middle East research network.


Scottish Church History Society
Paper on: Modes of gendered Scottish missionary acculturation in early 20th century Palestine.


Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality and Peace
Presenter in Conversation on ‘Disorganised Religion’ – see also my blog posting here.

German Church, Edinburgh
‘Christen im Nahen Osten’

Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Canada
co-presenter and participant, ‘International Gathering on Healing Justice’


German Church, Glasgow
‘Christen im Nahen Osten’

University of Bergen, Norway
‘On the processes of knowing, knowing well and knowing differently in missionary practice: contextualising the contextualisation of Scottish medical knowledge in Palestine, ca. 1918 to 1948’; conference: ‘Humanitarianism, nursing and missions: How to study knowledge exchanges in a historical, transnational perspective’

University of Eichstätt, Germany
‘Complex loyalties: Scottish missionaries in Zionist/Palestinian conflict situations in Mandate Palestine’; co-organiser of international conference on ‘Relations between Christian Churches in the Near and Middle East: Theological, Historical, Political Aspects’


Third World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies, Barcelona, Spain
‘The negotiation of competing modernities: reading ‘western’ and ‘Zionist’ ideologies in gendered Palestinian spaces’; co-organiser of symposium on historical and contemporary research on Christians in the Middle East.

Church of Scotland General Assembly, Edinburgh
‘International church reactions and consequences arising from the Kairos Palestine Document’

University of Stirling, Scotland
‘”The loneliest woman in Africa” – missionary biography as Protestant beatification’; workshop: ‘Saints and Cultural Trans/Mission’ (Translating Christianities Research Group)

University of St Andrews, Scotland
Co-organiser at the ‘Christians in the Middle East’ conference


University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Paper on ‘Postcolonial theory in the rewriting of mission history’.

University of Stirling, Scotland
‘Napoleon, Antonious, Said: modernity and (rewriting) western missions to the Middle East’, conference: ‘Christians in the Middle East’ workshop


University of Bergen, Norway
‘Re-imagining ‘metropole’ and ‘periphery’ in mission history’, conference: ‘Protestant Missions – Local Communities: Regional and International Dimensions of Missionary Encounters’

University of Stirling
‘Locating metropoles and peripheries’, conference: Translating Christianities workshop, School of Languages, Cultures and Religions

King’s College, London
‘Creating British gender identities in Palestinian contexts’, conference: ‘Palestine, Britain & Empire: 1841 – 1948’


University of Göttingen
‘Die Gottesfrage als Kern des Glaubens – Veränderungen im Denken W H Temple Gairdners in seiner Auseinandersetzung mit dem Islam’, conference: ‘Die Gottesfrage im orientalischen Christentum in Koexistenz mit dem Islam im Bereich des Mashriq’

North Carolina State University
‘Rethinking the links between colonialism, missionary endeavour and capitalism’, conference: ‘Missionaries in the Middle East: Rethinking Colonial Encounters’


Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, University of Edinburgh
‘Subaltern Status and Power: Women’s Emancipation and the Tabeetha School in Jaffa, 1918-1936’

Aktion Sühnezeichen/Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, London
‘Multiculturalism and learning from history’, conference for Austrian, British, German and Polish volunteers

Department of History, Bergen
‘Missionaries as “self” and as “other”: the ambiguity and contradictions inherent in missionary identity’, conference: ‘Protestant missions, practice and representation in the formation of “self” and “other”, ca. 1850-2000’

Fachgebiet Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Philipps-Universität Marburg/Fliedner-Kulturstiftung, Düsseldorf
‘Healthcare as Mission – the Example of Scottish Missions to Jews; Theology and Practice (Mission durch Gesundheitsfürsorge am Beispiel der schottischen Judenmission. Theologie und Praxis)’, conference: ‘Die soziale Dimension der Mission im Orient’


Senter for fransk-norsk forskningssamarbeid innen samfunnsvitenskap og humaniora/Centre de coopération franco-norvégienne en sciences sociales et humaines, Paris
‘Square pegs and round holes: independent mission work by women in Jaffa and the Scottish churches’, workshop: ‘Welfare, gender and practice in the Middle East: 1800-2000. 200 years of entrepeneurship’

Aktion Sühnezeichen/Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, London
‘Living a post-conflict life: reflections on guilt and responsibility’, conference reflecting on ‘second-generation’ post-World War II issues


First World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES), University of Mainz
‘Distinctive elements of Scottish missionary motivation as factors in the failure of the Scottish missions’, panel: ‘Modern Historical Missions to the Middle East’ (presenter/co-chair)

MacLeod Centre, Iona
‘The Unbearable Weight of Memory: the Politics and Power of Forgetting’ (co-leader of a week’s course examining conflict and post-conflict societies)


Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient (DAVO) Congress, University of Göttingen
‘Changes in Scottish missionary methods in the Levant: isolation, acceptance and integration, panel: ‘Israel and Palestine’

German-speaking Congregation, Glasgow
lecture: ‘Deutsche, Israelis und Palästinenser: ein schwieriges Verhältnis (Germans, Israelis and Palestinians: a difficult relationship)’


Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient (DAVO) Congress, University of Mainz
‘Scottish and American Protestant missionaries in 19th century Lebanon – a study in representation and misrepresentation’, panel: ‘Migration und Integration der orientalisch-christlichen Minderheit’

Yale-Edinburgh Symposium, University of Edinburgh
‘”Duff established a new mission in the Lebanon” – Scottish representation and misrepresentation of the missionary context in 19th century Lebanon’

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