These are my main academic publications. I have also published other material for think-tanks and other organisations. Note that since 2012 I have a policy regarding closed-access and open-access publishing.


I am currently working on a book with the working title The Politics of Transnationalism in a Postcolonial Age; I am in discussion with a publisher on this, and further details will be made available shortly.

I am also working with a colleague on a book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Western churches, and theology; details will be posted here in due course.


Saints and Cultural Trans/-mission, edited by Michael Marten/Katja Neumann, Sankt Augustin: Anthropos/Academia, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-89665-621-6 (see also my essay in this volume, and co-authored introduction, detailed below).

Transnational and Historical Perspectives on Global Health, Welfare and Humanitarianism, edited by E. Fleischmann, S. Grypma, M Marten, I.M. Okkenhaug, Kristiansand: Portal Books, 2013, ISBN: 978-82-92712-75-7 (see also my essay in this volume, detailed below).


Christian witness between continuity and new beginnings: modern historical missions in the Middle East, eds. Martin Tamcke, Michael Marten, series: Studien zur Orientalischen Kirchengeschichte, Hamburg: LIT Verlag, 2006. ISBN: 3-8258-9854-7 (see also my essay in this volume, detailed below).

Attempting to bring the gospel home: Scottish missions to Palestine, 1839-1917, London: I.B. Tauris, 2006, ISBN: 1-85043-983-4.

Journal special editions


Debate section: Museums, Missions, and (Mis-)Representations, in Anthropos, vol. 114, 2019/2, eds. Michael Marten/Rajalakshmi Nadadur Kannan, contributions by Michael Marten, Inbal Livne, Rebecca Loder-Neuhold, Rajalakshmi Nadadur Kannan, Jennifer Way. ISSN 0257-9774.


Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, vol. 10, no. 3, July 2011, special edition on Education and Religion, eds. Fiona Barclay/Michael Marten (incl. Introduction); see also below for my article in this issue. ISSN 1474-0222.

Journal articles and book chapters


‘Gender and missionary motivations in humanitarian work after World War One’, in Christian Missions and Humanitarianism in The Middle East, 1850-1970: Ideologies, Rhetoric, and ‘Praxis, Leiden: Brill, 2020: 209-230. ISBN: 978-90-04-43453-0 (Open Access, available as PDF, and in print).

‘Creativity, Academia and Critical Religion’ and ‘The “No True Scotsman” Fallacy and the Problem of Identity’, both essays in Critical Religion Reader, eds. Melanie Barbato, Cameron Montgomery, Rajalakshmi Nadadur Kannan; Studio Dreamshare. ISBN: 9781775394365 (Open Access, available as eBook, and in print).


‘Framing the debate: Mission History and the Postcolonial Museum’, in Anthropos, vol. 114, 2019/2. Debate section: Museums, Missions, and (Mis-)Representations, 489-493, eds. Michael Marten/Rajalakshmi Nadadur Kannan. ISSN 0257-9774.


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‘Recovering from the Mandate: The Church of Scotland in Israel/Palestine after 1948’, in Begegnungen in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart: Beiträge dialogischer Existenz, eds. Claudia Rammelt/Cornelia Schlarb/Egbert Schlarb, LIT, 2015: 272-285. ISBN: 978-3-643-13070-9.


‘”The loneliest woman in Africa” – missionary biography as a form of Scottish Protestant sainthood’, in Saints and Cultural Trans/-mission, eds. Michael Marten/Katja Neumann, Sankt Augustin: Anthropos/Academia, 2013: 61-81. ISBN: 978-3-89665-621-6. (also, with Katja Neumann: Introduction, 1-6).

‘On Knowing, Knowing Well and Knowing Differently: Historicising Scottish Missions in 19th and Early 20th Century Palestine’, in Transnational and Historical Perspectives on Global Health, Welfare and Humanitarianism, eds. E. Fleischmann, S. Grypma, M Marten, I.M. Okkenhaug, Kristiansand: Portal Books, 2013: 210-238. ISBN: 978-82-92712-75-7.


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‘Escaping from Sunday School – teaching ‘the Middle East’ in a religion setting’, in Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, vol. 10, no. 3, July 2011: 241-251 (I also co-edited this special edition on ‘religion’ with Fiona Barclay, and co-authored the Introduction; see above).


‘The theology and practice of Scottish medical missions: the study of missions in Palestine through a postcolonial lens’, in The social dimension of mission in the Middle East (19th and 20th century), eds. Norbert Friedrich/Uwe Kaminsky/Roland Löffler, series: Missionswissenschaftliches Archiv, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner-Verlag: 155-178.

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‘Perceptions and Realities of the Holy Land’, review article in Holy Land Studies, vol 3, no. 1, May 2004, 113-117.


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‘Doing Theology on the Ground: an interview with Naim Ateek’, in Coracle, issue 3/46, July 1999, 6-7.

Encyclopaedia entries


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Closed- and open-access publishing (back to top)

Note: I intend to have, where possible, open-access links to accessible versions of all my writings. At the beginning of 2012 I took a conscious decision, wherever possible, to do the following:

  1. complete all outstanding commitments to closed-access journals;
  2. henceforth only publish my work in open access journals or in books;
  3. reject all requests for assistance from closed-access journals, including peer-review, book reviews, etc.

In brief: I am no longer prepared to offer my work and services for free to profit-making corporations that restrict access to their journals. Why open-access? Watch this video, and/or read this article for good summaries of some of the main issues. The LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog is a great source for further information and discussion of this issue, whilst this article interrogates the business model of closed-access journals.

‘People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.’ (Logan Pearsall Smith, 1865-1946)