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Composition and tripods

I went out photographing in Aberlady (East Lothian) with my friend Toni this weekend; she has recently started taking her photography much more seriously, but it was her first time using her new tripod (her husband had been complaining at her buying it several months ago and not using it… what we photographers have to put up with!).

Aberlady, East Lothian

Aberlady, East Lothian

It was all very interesting for me: whilst I think she has a very good understanding of composition, much of her photography happens when out and about with her two small children and so she doesn’t get much time to think and reflect about composing her images – this often just happens very quickly in order to keep up with her family, making sure the children don’t run off somewhere etc.  So being out in the evening on her own (well, with another adult who was also photographing) – with her new tripod – was quite unusual for her, and she found it hard not to constantly just pick up the camera/tripod and reframe from a position the tripod could never reach!  It made questions of composition very interesting for me, and she clearly has other ‘tripod issues’ to mine!

You can visit Toni’s Flickr pages here: The Thinner The Air.