Edinburgh’s Bedroom Tax protests

I went on the Edinburgh protest against the ConDem government’s iniquitous Bedroom Tax today.  I was struck by the creativity of some of the banners and placards, and especially by the mood of the people taking part: there was real anger, and a sense that concentrated resistance to the ConDem government is emerging across many sectors of society.  Of course, Scotland didn’t vote for this government – the 2010 Westminster election in Scotland resulted in 1 Tory MP and 11 Liberal Democrats (Labour won 41, and the SNP 6 seats) – and this is one of the factors encouraging the independence movement, as you can see in some of the photos.  Several people noted that just as the Bedroom Tax is being introduced, the Deputy PM is taking a wee holiday in a house with 20 bedrooms.  Anyway, here are some images from today that I wanted to share: