What (doesn’t) Lie Beneath

Having published the What Lies Beneath series at the end of October, I’m also publishing a few photographs that didn’t make it into the final series – this may seem like a slightly odd thing to do, and there will be people who wonder why I would do that (some voices spring to mind straight away – you probably know who you are!).  However, some of the images I created for this series – and there have been quite a few – are important to me, and therefore perhaps also of interest to others.  There are various reasons why they didn’t make the final selection, which I don’t really want to go into, but mostly this will be because the particular image doesn’t convey quite what I wanted it to (I suppose: a failure of pre-visualisation!).

There will probably be about 5 images that I’ll put online, and they’ll be on my other blog, Scenes Seen, that I use for incidental photographs that don’t have a proper home here; I have two up so far (and you can use this link to the appropriate tag to see all of them once they’re all online).  Of course, you could always subscribe to the other blog and receive an occasional photo in your inbox! 🙂