Scenes seen

“Occasional unseen scenes, now seen: a photoblog from Michael Marten”

That is the byline for a new photoblog I’ve created.  Having commented yesterday on how difficult I was finding it to select images for a series, I want now to point to what might almost be seen as the opposite: a new photoblog with a very different purpose.  The intention here is simply to show images, some old, some new, that would not necessarily have a home on this site, but that I think are perhaps worth putting online somewhere to give a slightly different perspective or outlet to a certain kind of creativity.  I don’t like Flickr and such sites very much, so creating my own little site seemed like a good idea.  I expect there to be very little text, if any, accompanying each photograph – the point is just to offer photographs for viewing (and commenting etc.).  There will not be a new photograph every day, but there probably won’t be more than one a day.  I have an ‘about‘ page that explains all this in more detail.  So take a look!

Here is the photograph I posted yesterday – an expression of positive thinking, that this little project will hopefully go down a route that will (at least occasionally!) show something interesting and different!

Portobello Park, Edinburgh

Portobello Park, Edinburgh

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