Working on a series is hard work

As regular readers of my Twitter feed will know, I’m working on a series called ‘What Lies Beneath’.  I want about 12 or 13 images for this, and whilst I don’t want to say more about the series just now (all should be revealed in the next couple of weeks sometime – my final film needs processing first), but I do want to say: it is SO hard to pick images!  I have been working on this series for a little while now (since autumn 2011), and have created quite a number of images – yet whittling it down to a small number is very difficult.  Every image has a story attached to it, but the meta-narrative I want to create necessitates some exclusion and continual re-focussing.  This, as will soon become clear, is an integral part of what the series is, but deciding to discard images is hard – I feel as if I’m cutting away something that I really like.  Perhaps some of the discarded images will find a ‘home’ elsewhere, but for now, they need to be excluded, however frustrating such decisions about narrating a certain kind of creativity might be.  Here is one of the rejects, a photograph I made in Strathconon this summer.  It was early in the morning, and I was standing in the river with my camera carefully set up on the tripod – and just as I was squeezing the cable release I realised the laces on one of my boots had come undone and the water was coming in…

River Meig, Strathconon

River Meig, Strathconon

I’ve spent a while studying and meditating on this photograph, and in discarding it, I feel as if I’m letting an old friend down.  Maybe it belongs back in the series after all, and I should get rid of another one…?

Or perhaps I should just add one more to the series?

Oh, but…

See what I mean? It’s hard to do this stuff!


9 thoughts on “Working on a series is hard work

  1. Mike Green

    Well I’m not about to argue either way on the image itself, but I entirely empathise with the feeling and the difficulty of winnowing. Much more difficult than making the images in the first place I think! Good luck with your decision-making 😉

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