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This is the second blog posting in a row about equipment – it’s not going to turn into a pattern!  It’s just a little entry in order to recommend Kirk Photo’s tripod brackets.  I want to comment on both the brackets, and the good service I received from Kirk.

Bruce Percy and others have repeatedly raved about the ease of using an L-bracket on a camera, and a little while ago I bit the bullet and went for it (I paid for all of this before my most recent expenditure, in case you’re wondering!).  Having been out with the camera and my new L-bracket setup, it really is fantastically good – I can’t quite believe how straightforward it is to use and how incredibly stable it is, even though the camera is fairly substantial.

However, getting the right parts was not completely straightforward: I wanted this for my Mamiya 645ProTL medium format camera, and although I initially bought – on Kirk’s emailed recommendation! – the wrong part (the BL-645AF may fit a Mamiya 645AF/D but it does NOT fit a 645ProTL!), they were very apologetic and then incredibly helpful in identifying the right parts.  This went so far as getting me to measure parts of my camera to make sure the part they were now recommending really did fit.  I returned the incorrect L-bracket, and they then promptly sent me the new parts, with no additional postage charge.  I was very impressed by how efficient and helpful they were, so if you’re thinking of L-brackets, do check out Kirk – they seem like good products, and the staff are great!

For information: if you also have a Mamiya 645ProTL then you’ll need a PZ-34 body plate (ignore that it says it’s for an RB67, it fits perfectly!) and a QRLB-S quick release bracket.  For my Manfrotto 410 tripod head, I bought an SQRC-3271 quick release clamp for the L bracket to slot into.  Kirk do, of course, supply the Allen keys needed for attaching everything.

So… go Kirk Photo!

P.S. Each of the component names above links to the relevant part of the Kirk website, but here is the homepage in case they change those links.  Bear in mind that if these items are being posted to the UK, you’ll also need to pay import taxes before the post office will deliver your parcel.


2 thoughts on “Recommendation: Kirk Photo

  1. marcaderidder

    Definitely +1 for Kirk.
    I have been using Kirk L-brackets for over a decade, originally for my film SLRs and subsequently my DSLRs in combination with my Kirk BH3 ball head and when needed with the addition of a Wimberley Sidekick, and can highly recommend them.
    Even with just a quick release plate screwed on top of a monopod or walking stick the L-plate is a dream, easily swapping between landscape and portrait orientation as and when required.
    I can’t vouch for Kirk after sale service as I never had the need to use them, but they are a dream to use.

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