This weather is rubbish!

It is all just a bit depressing – I’ve been incredibly stressed for the last few months due to unreasonable pressures being put upon us (the academic staff in the university, I mean), and as a result I’ve been unable to make sufficient time for getting out into the landscape to make any photographs. But now that I might be able to get out once or twice in the next few days, the weather has turned and become really rubbish: all bright sunshine and warmth – ugh!

Rubbish weather!

I know some people are glad to see some warmth and sunshine, but I do get bored of the supposed jollity we’re all supposed to be feeling as the temperatures rise – just let me engage in my mumping about the weather.  After all, even if I do get out into the hills in the next day or two, it’ll probably be rubbish! 😉


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