Rob Hudson’s reflections on landscapes and the idea of the muse

To my immense frustration, I’ve had a frantically busy work time recently, and have neglected not only this blog, but also my cameras: I’ve simply not had time to get out and make any photographs at all recently.  I hope this will change in the near future.

However, I do want to point to an article, written by Rob Hudson, that picks up on landscape-related themes on the idea of a muse.  I mentioned Rob in my recent blog posting on this topic, and he also commented on it.  In fact, he even wrote this latest article for me:

Ok, maybe it was not just for me, but it certainly speaks to me in terms of the subject matter, and I highly recommend it.

There are, I think, questions that arise from Rob’s article around the intellectual as well as the emotional response to landscape (or indeed, any subject matter), but I think I need to formulate that more coherently in a response on the On Landscape website – I’ll do that sometime soon.

Note that to read Rob’s article you will need a free subscription to the magazine, but you may also want to pay for more of it… I do, and it is worth it!