One of the great things about being an academic…

…is that it feels completely normal to do things that some other people might think rather strange.  For example, for many years I have been adding to my collection of old missionary biographies and related items.  I’ve acquired them from church books sales, charity shops, some very strange second-hand bookshops; I’ve been given some, and some… I don’t know quite where they have come from.

This would be regarded as a bit weird by many people, but I have finally managed to use many of them in one go!  It’s – sadly – very exciting for me, not least since I collect a number of things that seem rather pointless to others (including some members of my own household…).  Now I have a journal article written that uses a fair number of these books.  What is the article about?  Funny you should ask – it’s about mission biographies as a genre, and how they were used to create ‘Protestant saints’.

Here’s a small selection of some of my books, including most of the ones that were used:

Mission books

Mission books