A couple of new images

I have not posted any landscape images for a while.  I’m aware that some of what I am doing in the landscape is changing and that has made me reluctant to put anything up.  There will be more considered reflection on that another time, but here are a couple of new images that I identify as part of this process.  Both were taken on Fuji Velvia 50 film using my medium format camera and the 150mm lens.  Click on an image to see it a little larger (800 pixels across).  Comments are most welcome, either below or by email – thanks.

A early morning view onto one of the lakes in Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany:

Ratzeburg Lake, summer 2011

Ratzeburg Lake, summer 2011

This next image is from the same lake:

Ratzeburg, lakeside tree, summer 2011

Ratzeburg, lakeside tree, summer 2011

I look forward to hearing what you think – thanks!

[Added later: following the comments from Rob Hudson below, I created another blog posting with a monochrome version of the second image.]


8 thoughts on “A couple of new images

  1. Rob Hudson

    The first is quiet nice, if a tad of a cliché and that is the sort of colour that I shy away from as so many togs use it to add “wow” to their images. The arrangement and movement are pleasing however.

    The second I’m struggling with, the light seems too severe, the out of focus grass in the foreground is a distraction and DOF is a bit shallow for the lake shore. But it’s heading in a more modern direction than the other.

    Sorry to have been a bit negative.


    1. Michael Marten Post author

      No apology needed! Just what I wanted.

      They’re deliberately paired here, and I’ve been very hesitant about both for exactly the reasons you mention: the first for the colour (which is admittedly naff, though I like the other elements); for the second, I cropped the grass in the bottom right out but it seemed to make the image unbalanced, and so I put it back. Interestingly, I think the crop works better when the image is ‘reduced’ by making it black and white – maybe I should post that version as well.
      Thanks, Rob!

      1. Rob Hudson

        You could try balancing the light in the second image between the light and dark parts of the tree, it would lend a more unified impression. But that might mean – HORROR – photoshop!

        1. Michael Marten Post author

          Ha, that’s exactly what I’d done with the black and white version! Clearly, I have to post it now, so watch this space – and comments on THAT one welcome too, if you can be bothered!

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  3. Mike Green

    I like them both to a degree, though I think I’d maybe prefer each of them in mono…. and in the second, it would perhaps benefit from burning in the bottom right corner a fair bit, to hide the blurred grass (and the other corners a bit too, to balance things up after that). I wouldn’t crop it as the curve seems important to me.

    That’s rather a fine bit of root activity there – nice find!

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