A week of reading and photography

This was to be a week of reading and photography on the Isle of Mull in a lovely cottage I’ve stayed in several times before in Bunessan (“The Stables”) and can recommend highly. Here’s a summary of the week.


Arrive, after a spectacular journey through Glencoe. Mentioning this on Twitter causes considerable jealousy amongst certain followers (you know who you are, guys and gals!). Settle down to watch a rubbish film in the evening. 🙂


Morning: reading – lovely. Afternoon: photography – lovely. Evening: a bit more reading – lovely. And then a rubbish film – well…!


Dawn photography, Ardalanish Bay. I mention this on Twitter, again provoking more envious comments (as before…). Shopping in the “big city” (Tobermory). More reading – wonderful. And then the day is rounded off with another rubbish film. Another good day.


More dawn photography – lovely. Read a good PhD thesis: very enjoyable. Evening – nice dinner, followed by next rubbish film. It has rained from mid-morning on, but I don’t care: another good day.


Most of the last night is spent between bathroom and bed, with a severely upset stomach. I am in bed all day. I have no idea if it is raining or not. A bad day.


Feel somewhat restored, but still fairly knackered after being ill, so that an hour’s walk in the woods wears me out completely. It rains all day. I manage to do virtually no reading without falling asleep over my books, so go to bed early. Not a great day.


Completely restored to health and wholeness – and off home. Knowing that the ferry’s winter timetable begins today, I have printed it off in advance of leaving home – and am very pleased with how organised I am. Unfortunately, I’m not organised enough to actually look at it. This means I miss the numerous would-be summer ferries that were running every Sunday from March until last Sunday, and have a four hour wait in Fishnish. What is there in Fishnish? A jetty; a coffee shop (closed). It rains. A lot. All day. I am ribbed endlessly by other family members for the timetable faux pas, but am now on the way home (this being mostly written on the jetty, and then posted on the ferry!).

All in all, not too bad a week, though with less reading and less photography than I had hoped for. Hopefully there will some images on here sometime soon, and my book chapter has progressed a bit.

PS And the rubbish films? All four of the Pirates of the Caribbean efforts… quite a contrast to the weather and climate on Mull… and whilst I recommend the cottage, I don’t recommend the films!


4 thoughts on “A week of reading and photography

  1. Mike Green

    Very entertaining, Michael. You need to get a better selection of films though 😉 And if you think four hours at Fishnish is bad, try 0400 – 1400 at Uig (Skye) some day…. that wasn’t great either, and that was down to very high winds threatening the ferry to Tarbert actually leaving (so it could have been worse). (Oh, and I quite like the PotC films, but not all at once!

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Thanks, Mike! I’ve not been to Uig/Skye, but I used to live on Iona and ferries were cancelled all the time. I’ll never forget once running onto a ferry that was going, in a gale, after there had been no ferries for days and days. As we ran on, slipping and sliding down the jetty and onto the boat that was moving about all the time, the ferryman bellowed at us: ‘you get on this boat at your own risk!’ before setting off into the wildest of seas. Not exactly reassuring, and probably not CalMac company policy! 🙂

  2. carriee

    Four hours at Fishnish is bad…. but could be worse. Four hours in an overcrowded hot smelly airport with grumpy passengers would be worse.

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      I’m sure you’ve experienced that often enough to make any rainy jetty seem very appealing! You could of course take photographic studies of your passengers and create a new field of ‘airport photography’ as opposed to ‘street photography’ – though pilots are probably not meant to do that kind of thing, are they?! 😉

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