Middle Eastern Christians and Scottish islands

So this is the beginning of my reading week – I arrived on the Isle of Mull yesterday and this morning I was reading and writing about Middle Eastern Christians. This afternoon I’ve gone out with the camera and the dog, and we’ve been rained and hailed on once so far, for about five minutes. Otherwise, it’s alternated between glorious sunshine and cloud, but with very strong winds all the time. In fact, the winds have been so strong that I was worried I couldn’t keep the camera still enough using Velvia 50, even pulling the tripod into the ground and with weights hanging from it. So I used up the roll and have now put a faster film in the camera (Portra 160) in the hope that the faster shutter speeds that enables – 1/250 and thereabouts instead of 1/30 at f8 – will help keep the images steady (I had the Velvia in from the last time I was out). Here’s the view at the moment (from my mobile – not even that is easy to hold still!):

Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull

I just know this is going to be a wonderful week: reading and writing and taking photographs… I could get used to this! I’ll be going back to my books in a while, but in the meantime, I’ll explore a little more of this hill (which, as it happens, is one of the few places I get a mobile signal – the mobile doesn’t work in the cottage or any where in the village… perfect!).

It’s a tough life! 🙂