K111 Kronsgaard, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany – road signs

March 2012

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15 thoughts on “K111 Kronsgaard, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany – road signs

  1. Tina

    Brilliantly sad! I particularly loved the slalom sign! Chicago in the spring is also very sad with giant potholes from all the salt that gets spread over the ice. However, is it THAT bad? I’m not so sure anymore!!!

  2. Michael Marten

    Hee hee, I thought you might like all these! My personal favourite is the ‘Teststrecke’… Of course, the salt destroys roads (and the water table!), and in Edinburgh, at least, they don’t get around to fixing the roads before the next winter comes along.  

  3. Carrie

    Hi MichaelThis is brilliant..if I was going on holiday nearby I would head for this road as a tourist attraction..in a HIRE car.

  4. Michael Marten

    Glad you like these, Carrie – and just imagine how slowly I was driving along here… 🙂

  5. anxiousgardener

    Hi Michael, my brother sent me the link to this page because as children we spent much of our childhood in Kronsgaard. Our German grandmother lived in the old schoolhouse (the building on the right in the last photo) and most summer holidays we spent happy (but long) hours traipsing to and from the beach at Pottloch. In those days (the late 60’s/early 70’s) the Pottloch road was non-metalled and probably as bumpy then as it is again now! My brother, sister and myself re-visited Kronsgaard for the first time in many years fairly recently. It’s beautiful, quiet corner of Germany and a lovely stretch of the Baltic but it seems the credit crunch has bitten since then!Dave

  6. Michael Marten

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your comment.  When my wife was a child, she spent most of her summer holidays at Pottloch, where her parents had a caravan (as I understand it, in or next to the area that is now a car park).  She grew up in the area (near Süderbrarup), and this was a home from home for many years.  I have asked her, but she doesn’t remember meeting anyone called Dave! We’ve been there several times in the last two decades or so.  But until last summer we hadn’t been for about 5 years, and although Kronsgaard is beautiful, the roads were shocking.  Do you still have family there? Michael

  7. Peter Marsden

    Hi MichaelDave’s brother Pete here – my grandmother lived for many years at Regenholz, which is the farm at the junction where the road to Pottloch leaves the “main” road. She subsequently retired to the old Schoolhouse that Dave mentioned is in the background of your final photograph. The same family that owned Regenholz back in the day are still there – the Bruhns – and we stayed at the far when we made our trip back there a few years ago.My mother married an Englisman and left for England; my two uncles moved to Flensburg, where our relatives live to this day.My sister and I did attend the village school in Kronsgaard, so did get to know a fair number of the local children – albeit this was all 40 odd years ago…Lovely spot!Pete

  8. anxiousgardener

    Hi again, I don’t know Süderbrarup I’m afraid though my brother and sister might. They are older than me and so have more memories of our time there than I. I was very young for most of our visits and the environs of Kronsgaard alone seemed enormous to me (with the added adventure of an occasional trip into Gelting, Kappeln or, blimey, Flensburg).My mother’s mum and two brothers fled the Russians at the end of WW2 from Prussia and fetched up in this little backwater. For many years they lived in the farm (Regenholz) at the junction of the Pottloch road with the K111. Most of my memories stem from this time. With the beach road more or less opposite (and staying on a working farm) it was a fantastic place for a kid to spend the summer holidays. I was probably last there about five years ago too and it was my first trip since the late seventies – a hugely enjoyable walk down memory lane. My grandmother later moved to an apartment in the old schoolhouse, where she died in the early 80’s thus cutting our links to the village. We do still have family there; one of my Uncles still lives in Flensburg.The whole state of the road thing seems very puzzling what with those crazily efficient Germans!Dave

  9. anxiousgardener

    Oooops. Sorry – brothers eh? Minds working alike and all that – he posted as I did!D

  10. Michael Marten

    Hi Dave and Pete, well, my wife went to the Gymnasium in Kappeln, and one of my sisters-in-law lived in Flensburg for many years – these connections go all over the place. Her family have been in the area for many many generations.  However, my mother’s family also fled from the east towards the end of the war (she was born in Stettin/ Szczecin) and for various reasons ended up in Ratzeburg (just south of Lübeck), so I too have a connection to a part of Schleswig-Holstein, as well as being married to eine Angeliterin! Best wishes, Michael

  11. Dirk

    Moin Michael, I’m one of the “fed up” villagers and just entered “K111 Kronsgaard” in Google and found your blog. Really nice pictures of our work. An I love your “British” comments.I’ve just sent an email to lots of the other residents in Kronsgaard. International comments on the K111 – who would have thought of this. Unfortunately the winter and the rain have damaged lots of our signs so that they are in a similar condition as the road. So we will see what will happen – we hope the road will be rebuilt in a few years. Hopefully your blog will not lead to the idea that the K111 is to be regarded as an historical monument and must be preserved in the current condition.Best wishes – and thank youDirk Wolfram

  12. Michael Marten

    Hallo Dirk, vielen Dank für dieses Kommentar. Ursprünglich wollte ich diesen Beitrag auf Deutsch schreiben oder ins Deutsche übersetzen, aber der “britische Humor” ging dabei verloren.  Und die meisten Leser können Deutsch nicht verstehen.  Deshalb: English please… I am sorry to hear that even the signs are now in a poor condition, and hope that the rebuilding of the road means you can soon throw away the signs.  Then you can have a “pothole party”! (Schlaglochparty…? Hmm…!) Best wishes, Michael

  13. Dirk Wolfram

    Hi Michael,concerning rebuilding the K111 there are still no news, but the NDR (NordDeutscher Rundfunk ==> North German Broadcast) has made a little TV-Program on the K111 and on the signs during their daily News Magazine on 13-Mar-2012. They even mention your blog. If you like to watch, just follow this link: http://www.ndr.de/mediathek/index.html?media=shmag14629 (Sorry you have to allow Pop Ups in your browser and I don’t really know how long this link will be valid).Best wishes,Dirk

  14. Michael Marten

    Hi Dirk, Thank you very much for telling me about this – I’m glad something may finally be happening (according to the TV programme).  I am amazed this page has appeared on TV! All the best, Michael

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