‘Imperfect Mirrors’ book available

‘Imperfect Mirrors’ by Kevin Scully is soon to be released (2. July) and is now available for ordering, e.g. from Amazon.  This is the book with my photograph on the cover (clicking the image takes you to the Amazon page):

Kevin Scully: Imperfect Mirrors

Kevin Scully: Imperfect Mirrors

I sent the designer/publisher three versions of the image, one in colour and two monochrome conversions – and they have chosen my favourite of the two monochrome versions.  I’m delighted to see this now available, as is my wonderful model, Fran Whitton.


2 thoughts on “‘Imperfect Mirrors’ book available

  1. mabel

    Oh wow! Just spotted the finished book cover-fantastic!- and the b+w version is by far the best- very dramatic. The book layout /type sets it all off pretty well too, and hasn’t spoiled the photgraph at all. Well done indeed!
    You’re cover is on Amazon!!!

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Thanks, Mabel! I really like it too, and it’s even nicer to see it on the actual book (yes, I have a copy!). Thanks again for your help with the shoot.

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