Book cover commission

At short notice, and with a tight deadline, I’ve been asked to provide a book cover for a friend’s publishing company, which I’m delighted to do.  As it happens, my sketch book includes a certain set-up with a model, and it just so happens that a little development of this idea could suit the book very well.  My thoughts about this set-up are not necessarily very original, but I nonetheless find the idea interesting (I’ve looked online and recalled a related image, but – though it sounds immodest! – mine is still different, so perhaps it’s even a little more original than I’m giving myself credit for!).  There is something really stimulating about finding inspiration in the creativity of someone else and using that to develop an idea, and it impinges on questions of ownership (more on this shortly).

So, a model has been booked and time has been set aside for the editing… details of all this, including an image or two, to be posted here before long…


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