Photographic narration – narrating photographs

Stephanie, icon of the silver screen

I have begun to rework some of my image galleries, which I thought were becoming somewhat stale and not very helpfully organised.  In addition, I began to feel that just ‘dumping’ a series of images in a gallery was no longer what I wanted to do.  Photographs should both tell a story, but there is also a story behind most photographs.  So my galleries are now organised by type: land (land- and cityscapes), models, events.  Within these broad categories the galleries will hopefully offer more of a sense of the story behind the photographs, as well as – in part – perhaps suggesting ways in which the photographs might be interpreted.  Of course, this latter approach is broadly about how I understand my own work, and that isn’t necessarily how others see it! 🙂

In the first instance, I’ve done some work on the models galleries.  There are several reasons for this:

  1. there are a limited number of galleries making this a task that was more easily manageable!
  2. for a while now I have felt I wanted to pay homage to Stephanie, who has been a profound influence on my portraiture.  In the introductory narrative to the models section, I describe her role to me as a photographic muse (and I’m already thinking of the beginning of a new series of photographs that I’d like to start with her when she is next in Scotland, whenever that’s going to be).  I have therefore written what are almost little photographic essays about our first two portrait sessions that might be of interest (do start with the Edinburgh narrative and then move on to the London collection!).
  3. although I was very aware that I would have to put a lot of work into these particular narratives, I don’t expect many of the other galleries to involve quite so much work.  This means I am better able to gauge the task, but also see how a detailed textual accompaniment would work.

My next task will be a little tidying up and adding to for the events section, and then I’ll begin to work on the landscapes – this looks as if it will be the most work because there are more galleries and images, but as noted above, I don’t see myself writing quite as much as I did for the two long Stephanie essays.  I’ll be splitting the land galleries up into countries or regions, and will also include some of my photographs from the Middle East.

Of course, this is a bit of an ongoing project for the moment, and so I would be very interested in any comments – good, bad, indifferent – about what I am trying to do here.  Please either use the comments sections below, or write to me directly using the contact page – thank you!

My most beautiful model - see the Galleries, Models page for more information

My most beautiful model – see the Galleries, Models page for more information


2 thoughts on “Photographic narration – narrating photographs

  1. pinkpig10

    Gosh, what a lot of work you have put into this blog. I love reading all the ‘stories’ that accompany the galleries (especially the model in the snow) and I love the portrait of your most beautiful model! Lovely image.

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Thanks – I find it very enjoyable to tell the stories, mixed in with a bit of comment on lighting technique and f-stops!!

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