Photography books

I’ve very excited…. shortly after my accident, I ordered some books from Neil McIlwraith at Beyond Words, and he is bringing two of the three books by tomorrow, perhaps even the third one, if it arrives before he leaves!  (He normally posts, but since I live nearby, it’s easier for us both for him to drop them off.)  One of these is the new Michael Kenna book.

And, through a recommendation on Twitter from Alex Boyd, I began to follow Deborah Parkin.  Her images are stunning: I think her photographs of children are really interesting and I want to see more of them and in more detail than a computer screen will allow (though the images on RedBubble are good to look at).  So I’m also ordering her book this evening.

On my inspirations page, I say that ‘I learn far more from other photographers’ photographs than from seeing lists of their equipment’ and so I’m hoping to do lots of learning from these books, as well as enjoy the photographs!  And at least I’ll not get too bored as my arm gradually heals…