Allow me to introduce you to…

… my sick camera!

'The sick camera'

'The sick camera'

This is what my 15-year old son, in his elegant way with language, means just now when describing this camera, my Nikon FM2.  A few days after breaking my arm, stuck in the house and going slightly crazy, I decided to get the little FM2 out and document some of my time off due to the broken arm.  So I’ve photographed: items to do with being off, different things I can do, some of the people who have visited me or that I have visited, and so on.  For example, the shot above was preparation for a self-timed image of me typing with both hands, which my physiotherapist has recommended I begin to do.  I can’t remember what film is in the camera – I think it is probably my last roll of Fuji Sensia 100, but it may also be a black and white print film… so that will be interesting.  I’m determined to use all the 36 exposures on this little project – but don’t worry, I’ll not be inflicting images of me typing with both hands on you, even though it’s exciting for me! 🙂

I have also managed to take a couple of images with the much heavier D90 (using just my lovely light little 35mm f1.8 lens).  So here’s a wee portrait of the dog wearing glasses… in my son’s inimitable style, he calls him Professor McDog:

Professor McDog

Professor McDog

At the end of this week, Neil McIlwraith from Beyond Words is intending to drop off part of an order for me, Michael Kenna’s Huangshan – I can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce you to…

  1. Hugo Wilson

    Loving ‘Professor McDog’ photo. ;o)
    Hope your arm is improving.

  2. Rudy Buhagiar

    While googling about spirit levels, I came across your blog and liked reading your thoughts about “The wonder of film” (3/11/2010) and slow photography, and right here, sadly, about being stuck at home with a broken arm documenting your daily life with an old film camera. The two posts collided to make me want to write and suggest that you take a short trip to Paris (it must be feasible with a broken arm), in order to visit the retrospective exhibition of Hervé Guibert’s photographs at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (until 10th April). His strong mostly autobio-photographic work was created using only a small Rollei 35 (without telemetric focusing) and Tri-X film throughout his short youth in the 80’s until his death in 1991. One favorite subject of his was his typewriter, working desk and room, besides beautiful narcissic self-portraits. I thought you might like this work as a good example that it is not the camera that makes the good photographer but patience, light and composition … I wish you get better soon.

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      I love this – you start with spirit levels, come across my site, and end with an exhibition!
      I have to say, it sounds like a wonderful exhibition and I think it would be wonderful to be able to go. I’m saving on my travel to work, and will certainly have a look at trains to Paris… I just need to convince my wife!

  3. Tina

    Loki looks just like you!! You really are bored, aren’t you?! Sending you healing thoughts…

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Thanks, though I think saying the dog looks like me is something of an insult! But don’t worry, I’ll not let him read your comment! 😉

      As for being bored – whatever gives you that idea?!

  4. Corporate Portraits Ltd

    When I started my photography business back in 1989 I used FM2s for all my 35mm work. They were great cameras and I had three with different lenses and they never went wrong. I dont miss the developing side of things but I do miss those hardy little Nikons. Grant

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Mostly, I don’t develop film myself, though I’m keen to get back into the b/w developing. I love the FM2 – completely functional, but elegant too: I happily use it much of the time, not just when I’m ill!

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