On broken bones and flying skills

Last Friday I ran to catch a bus to work, slipped on the wet pavement outside my neighbours’ house, crashed to the ground and spent the rest of the weekend in hospital.  I won’t go into all the gory details, not least since I can only type with my left hand, having severely broken my right arm.  I’m signed off work for now, and can’t even think about picking up a camera!  Grrrrr…

As I was in my hospital bed, I found myself thinking of how stupid I had been to run (more than one person pointed out that if you miss a bus, another will be along in a wee while…), and thought of the amazing stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill – I’m sure he never broke his arm on something so mundane – but as I was describing him to someone in hospital I just couldn’t remember his name!  Tonight I turned my computer on to find that Bruce Percy had written about just the film I was thinking of… so I thought I’d post it too as I love it so much: watch it full-screen if you can, and enjoy MacAskill’s amazing skill on a bike, the beautiful photography of Scotland, the great music… and think of me with my sair arm (actually, sair leg and sair head too):

(And I’ll be offline here for a little while, given that it’s taken me over an hour to write this, and I have some work things I really must do.)


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