Not photographing everything

I’ve just read a wonderful blog post on B&H’s website on not photographing everything all the time. I think anyone who regularly has a camera with them and is known for doing that – whether they are a pro or an amateur – will be able to relate to this blog posting! I was delighted to find myself able to say “no” recently – just before my office Christmas lunch someone asked if I had my camera with me… and of course I did. But I found an ideal solution: I declined, but gave my camera to a colleague who is also a keen photographer, and very good at capturing portraits. So he used my camera and photographed everyone, whilst I was able to have my Christmas lunch in peace and concentrate on interacting with those around me: I wasn’t a photojournalist covering an event!

And one added benefit came from all this: I now even have photos of myself.  Not that I really like being photographed (I think many photographers feel the same way!), but sometimes it can be quite nice to have some images of myself too.