A good service

In June I had problems with my Sekonic L-758D lightmeter having a flat battery.  When I found that the third battery had also gone flat, even though I wasn’t using the meter much, I decided there was something wrong with the meter, and the flat batteries were not my fault (why do we always blame ourselves first?!).  So I contacted the seller, and they advised sending it on to Johnson’s Phototopia for repair under warranty.  I had telephone contact with them whilst they looked at what might be wrong with it, and today I received a new meter – along with two new batteries.  That, in times when I am so used to poor service from large companies, is excellent – so well done them!

And although I really needed the meter for something I want to do next week, I will also appreciate having it tomorrow when I have a modelling session to photograph – these things just become so much easier with a proper meter.  So thank you, Johnson’s Phototopia – I look forward to being able to use my meter again!