Stephanie in the sea

Stephanie, relaxed

Stephanie, relaxed

At 5:30 this morning, I collected Stephanie and we went to Gullane Bents, a lovely unspoilt beach east of Edinburgh, in order to take portraits in the soft light that comes at sunrise.  When I first discussed this with her she almost immediately said ‘yes’, despite my warning of the cold temperatures. She now lives in Los Angeles, where the average temperatures lie considerably above those in Scotland.  Theoretically she knows this, having lived here for several years…

The plan had initially been to create a narrative sequence, but the water was much colder than Stephanie had anticipated, despite my warnings, and we couldn’t complete the sequence – which would have entailed her being immersed in deeper water!

But it doesn’t matter, because some beautiful images were created, and Stephanie, despite the cold, managed to concentrate and pose, even, I think, looking positively sensual in between the temperature-induced screaming from being almost naked in the cold sea!!

Afterwards, much warm water was poured over her, much hot tea drunk, and many layers of clothing added.  I understand that in the meantime she has regained sensation in her limbs and has remembered that she does still have feet attached to the bottom of her legs…  I appreciate her tolerance, patience and courage in the face of the climactic conditions and thank her for posing this morning.

(More images can be seen here, and one or two are for sale on RedBubble.)


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