Cityscapes and landscapes

As a historian by day and a photographer by night (as it were), I find I am fortunate enough to have two very different creative outlets: archival and writing work, and the making of images. And later today I am off to Germany for a week and will be able to indulge in both: I’m going to a private archive in Düsseldorf for a few short days, and then – via a circuitous train journey through half of Germany in order to include a meeting with a colleague – going on to visit family in the north. The archive is very close to the Rhine and so I’m hoping for some evening or night opportunities there, and my family live in a small town called Ratzeburg, which is on an island surrounded by three lakes; I’m hoping to catch the sunrise at least once across one of the lakes.

It all sounds like a near-perfect week, combining enjoyable work and pleasurable past-time… especially after the long and exhausting semester I’ve had…