A slight sense of desperation

I haven’t been able to make time for myself to get out and take any photographs for what seems like weeks and weeks now. This is undoubtedly down to the day job and the fact that this is just an incredibly busy time for me, but it it is nonetheless deeply frustrating – the need to get out there is really overwhelming! Even around Edinburgh where I live, the spring light has been lovely in recent times, and I’ve longed to get into the Pentland Hills to the south of the city for some early mornings. Flying into Edinburgh recently after a short holiday in Germany, I loved the views of the hills from above, and felt a strong urge to get out there and spend some time in the landscape. But I don’t expect it to be happening this weekend, this week, or even next weekend.

Apart from anything else, I know that I need to do this for my own well-being, but my 5-in-the-morning starts have been about finishing lectures and marking essays, not about seeing the dawn light through a lens!


2 thoughts on “A slight sense of desperation

  1. dot g

    I agree with you re the day job! It was the main cause of the reactive depression I have had for the past few weeks! Soooo much work visiting each student 3 times in each year, doing the teaching and then the marking!!!!

    Trying to study for a doctorate hasn’t been helping but nor has the fact that I haven’t had a proper holiday for 4 years as have no money to pay for one! My bills equal my income – no savings, just huge bills!

    One day I will get there, but in the meantime….

    I do hope you find time for you and the family and photographs!

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Oh, I know that money situation all too well – I’m still paying off the doctorate, and will be for some time to come! And holidays are calculated by how much longer it will take the PhD to be paid off 😦
      And, of course, it also doesn’t help with health…
      I didn’t realise you have to travel quite as much as that, that must be really exhausting! No wonder you’ve had health issues. At least I only have a commute to work (still long, just over 3 hours each day). Still, the teaching semester is nearly over now! Then it’s just more marking and exam boards – oh the joy! One day, I may even manage to do some more research on my own materials – but before that, I’ll be needing to take a camera for an outing 🙂

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