Supporting independent artists: ‘Love in IV Acts’

Stephanie - model, academic, film-maker

Stephanie - model, academic, film-maker

Not directly related to photographic processes, but certainly connected: the beautiful woman who perhaps comes closest to having been my photographic muse in 2009 as well as being a very good friend, Stephanie Tait, has written and is co-directing a film (this is one of a number of skills she has; she’s also just completing a PhD).  She is currently trying to raise money for it.  Filming started recently, but lack of funds means they’ve had to cancel two planned filming sessions so far.  If you are able to support her project in any way, even with a small donation, I know it would be much appreciated.  You can donate on the website of Love in IV Acts, and depending on how much you donate, you could even appear in the film (though you’ll have to get yourself to her part of the USA to do that!).  You’ll be supporting an independent film-maker producing a film that promises to be rather good…

(And yes, the promo photo of her on this website, identified as Queenmab, is one of mine… and no, I have no idea why she doesn’t appear to use her proper name on the site!)


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