In anticipation of a strange experience

My last posting was before Christmas, about how to photograph the snow. Since then I have been out taking photographs in Dalkeith Country Park in the snow, and also spent several days in the north of Scotland, where there was a lot of snow to photograph.

But since coming back from up north I’ve been very busy with work-stuff and have had no time to edit any images at all, let alone put them online.  On Friday, I travel for work to Jerusalem, and so I anticipate using my flights to work on some of the images.  This means I might finally post some of my winter snow images online when I’m in a climate that is currently experiencing a mini-heatwave – 18-21 degrees are forecast for the weekend!  Even the thought of doing this seems strange.

And I’ll be in the Middle East for nearly 3 weeks, so my winter images will include sudden climactic changes… before reverting to Scotland’s February cold (I’m anticipating that!)…


2 thoughts on “In anticipation of a strange experience

  1. Mabel

    I’ve just checked out your Tomatin pictures-great stuff! There are loads of great shots there- It looks like another world! All the frozen river/reflections are really something -and the one with the heavy snow fall on the tree. (Potential Red Bubble sellers there I sense!!)

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Thank you so much, Mabel. You can imagine how enjoyable it was – and yes, it did feel as if I was in another world. The frozen loch/reflection ones in particular – virgin snow, and almost total silence (very faint sound of the A9 in the distance), and nobody else about – there weren’t even any lights on in the house at the end of the track. Just me and my camera and the stillness!!

      And some of them ARE in the queue for uploading to RB, tonight or tomorrow, maybe! 🙂

      It’s been raining here all night and morning, so quite different to my first couple of days…

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