The freedom to photograph

You may have noticed, lower down this page, a small banner with the slogan “photography is not a crime”.  This is about a campaign against the use of (so-called) anti-terrorism laws to stop photographers from taking photographs in public places. I put this there after my own (minor) brush with authority on this issue earlier this year, whilst trying to take some photographs of an interesting roof.

Today’s Independent has a really interesting article about this.  It appears police in England and Wales are being told to use common sense in this regard, and not to stop people taking photographs who are completely harmless!

Maybe things are improving – but we’ll see if the ‘police on the street’ pay any attention to this.


2 thoughts on “The freedom to photograph

  1. carrie

    Hi Michael there was an article on this in yesterdays Guardian under the heading SNAP THAT TESTED TERROR LAWS TO BREAKING POINT by Paul Lewis, we are turning into a police state.
    love the blog

  2. Arlene

    Hello Michael,

    Your blog has just linked automatically to ours. I am the author of our photography club site and added a post about this subject a couple of days ago. Obviously it is an ongoing issue – and mentioned in the press again recently over an incident at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

    At least we can be glad our press have the freedom of speech to report such things. For now.

    (a blog like your own)

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