Price shock!

Idly browsing on Amazon… I’m shocked that the camera I bought last summer (from Amazon) for £267, a Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm kit lens, is now selling at £449!  And the camera that is generally regarded as the replacement for this one, the D3000, is £398.  Would I have bought the D40 at this price?  I don’t know, but at this level the D40 and D3000 are hardly priced in what I would describe as an entry-level bracket.

It’s all even more confusing when you consider that the D90 is ‘only’ £649 without a lens, and £799 with an 18-105mm lens (these prices are from Jessops, not Amazon).  And the D90 can be regarded as the top of the range DX format DSLR from Nikon.  What on earth is going on here?

I know we are in the middle of a credit crunch, but these supposed ‘entry level’ prices are ridiculous.  What does ‘value’ mean in these circumstances?


6 thoughts on “Price shock!

  1. Mabel

    Interesting post on prices. I remember being shocked when you told me you got your nikon d40x for £267 as I paid (i think)about £479
    less than a year before you! It’s now almost back at that price!
    You’re probably right to go for the D90 at this price- it makes sense.
    I’m still happy with the D40x for the moment though- – I just feel as though I now have so much more to learn about usingthe d40 properly. I think a lot of my so-called problems with photography are down to me, the photographer, not the camera! This was painfully obvious from the workshop, where using the tripod, adapting a more methdical approach to image taking, and really understanding the exposure, made such a difference tto the final images. (Well ok, not all the time! but the point is, I’m starting to ‘get it’!) so my plan is to learn how to maximise the d40x’s potential, as I feel I hadn’t really done so til the workshop-
    p.s. but I will be jealous when I see you flaunting a D90!!!

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      Remember that I got the cheaper D40, not D40x. I think at the time I bought mine, the D40x was about £450.

      You caught me out – I didn’t actually say I was going to get the D90, but that is clearly implied! 🙂 I’m just beginning to think that if they hike the price of that up to, say, £1100, I would never buy it, whereas at the present level it is still very expensive (for me), but still just about ok. I can sort of justify it to myself by thinking of the additional format size, the ways in which I use it, the ability to use old lenses as well as new ones… oh heck, I am doing a good job of convincing myself, aren’t I?! But I’ll not rush into this just yet…

      I don’t think you should do yourself down by the way, your pictures are great! You have such a clarity of vision as regards composition and so on – the really key aspects of photography. I can see so much of your design skills there: the clear lines, the eye for pattern and complementarity etc. etc.

  2. Mabel

    Oh, thanks for those kind comments, Michael.

    Its not that I’m unhappy with my images, I quite like a lot of them really!… but just not when I zoom into some of them and they are out of focus, blurred, etc because I didnt take enough care.
    That’s what I feel I got most from the work shop
    i.e. learning to go through the whole checklist, and do it in an ordered fashion, etc- (not in my nature!)
    Anyway, I am getting there.

    The price for the d90 is good, I know what you mean,
    It does seem a really good time to buy ….(but I dont want to encoourage you too much or I will get the blame haha)

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