Torridon – the art of adventure photography part 3.1

In my last post I mentioned Bruce’s exclamation about my tree photograph: he obviously really does like it, because you’ll now also see it on his page advertising the Torridon courses (I was emailing him today to thank him for the weekend, and said he could use anything in my emails or blog entries to promote his workshops if he wanted to do so).  I’m very flattered…

He has also included that image, part of an email I wrote to him and a link to this blog on this page; at these locations you’ll also find two fabulous images, along with comments, from Mabel Forsyth, my incredibly talented neighbour who went on the weekend trip with me.


One thought on “Torridon – the art of adventure photography part 3.1

  1. Louise Black

    Brings it all back! Thanks for putting it all online so eloquently. It was a fabulous weekend and I too learned so much from the experience.

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