Torridon – the art of adventure photography part 1

This will be one of several planned entries about this weekend, which I am spending with Bruce Percy in Torridon, on the west coast of Scotland.  I am here with my neighbour, Mabel Forsyth, and we are both hoping to learn lots from Bruce, a great photographer, and a lovely, warm person.  The title here (‘the art of adventure photography’) is shamelessly copied from Bruce’s website.

In some ways, this isn’t really part 1, in that I haven’t been making photographs under Bruce’s guidance or direction yet, but we arrived this evening and had our first sessions discussing photography with Bruce.  He showed us a number of his images, and talked about how he made them, we spent some time talking about the best ways to use our equipment, and tomorrow morning we’re meeting at 6h to set off for some sunrise images.  The weather forecast is Not Good, but we’ll see how it goes!

One of the pleasures of driving here with Mabel is that we both wanted to stop a number of times along the way to photograph the autumn light, such as this rainbow west of Dingwall (there’s more images on my website – click this image to go there):

rainbow west of Dingwall

rainbow west of Dingwall


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