Bruce Percy, who has become one of my favourite photographers for his ability to create almost mystical imagery, has recommended a book by Ansel Adams.  Over the summer I’ve also been re-reading Adams’ series on photography: The Camera, The Negative, The Print (I’d read parts of them before).  Whether you use digital or film (I use both), these books are fantastic.  Even reading about how to use large-format cameras that I am unlikely ever to be able to afford to use is revealing and intriguing.  I can’t recommend these books highly enough for anyone wanting to think a bit more about what they are doing and why; I fully expect to re-read them regularly (having rediscovered them…).

Regarding Bruce Percy – I am really looking forward to my weekend course in Torridon with him, and expect to learn lots!  I’ll be writing more about that weekend when it comes, I’m sure…